Thursday, April 3, 2008

Instructions for handing in CRPs (final term papers)

CRPs are due Friday, April. 4, 2008 between 12 pm and 5 pm. I'll be at my office -- South Ross 710 -- between those hours and you are to come in person and hand in your CRP papers to me any time between those hours. If you have a class between those times, it won't be for the full five hours so I am sure you can all find 5 minutes to come and drop off your papers. If I am not there when you arrive please wait five minutes or so because I might have gone to grab food or something and will return within 5 minutes.

I'll be leaving at 5 pm on the dot, so any papers not handed in to me by then will be considered late and I'll automatically be deducting half a grade per day that it is late. I need to get marks in by early next week and you need to finish the course and move on so it's good for both of us that you all hand in your papers tomorrow.

If you want to receive your papers back with my comments, please also bring along a self-addressed and stamped envelope (manila envelope is best) with your papers so I can mail them back to you once they are marked. If you don't bring me an envelope already stamped I won't be mailing them back to you and you won't receive my comments on your paper, just your final mark for the course. If you hand in your paper late you also won't receive comments back from me, just the final grade.

Good luck!

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