Monday, January 28, 2008

Updates for Week 18's seminar

New Reading for Week
OK, so, as I told you I'd be doing last class, I've made one change for this week's readings (reflected in the updated Lecture, Reading, and Assignment Schedule for Winter 2008): Craig's Chapter 4 is now optional; in its place I've added Quarter Chapter 2. You can download this reading as a PDF from the "Lecture and Seminar Supplements" section of the blog (down right hand navigation bar under "Week 18"), or from here. Give it time to download and download it from a fast connection, it's an 8.5 meg file (apologies, that's what we get for scanning it, but should take less than a minute to download). Let me know if you can't download it BEFORE Thursday and I'll try to send you a zipped copy.

Suggestions for How to Prepare this Week
Here are some suggestions for what you should be focusing on for this week's readings:

*Craig Ch. 3 - a) know what a "service cooperative" is; b) "Contributions to the Economy" section (pp. 93-101) and "Why is the Potential Not Realized"section (pp. 101-102).
*Craig Ch 4 - a) read quickly through pp. 107-115 (you should recognize some of this description from Melnyk); b) spend most of your time in the "Analysis" section (pp. 115-127).
*Quarter Ch 2 - make sure you understand Quarter's 7 "models of cooperative organization". This will be important for understanding where your coop/alt. org. fits into the social economy in Canada.

Lastly, a general reading tip for this course: Read the examples quickly (but DO read these sections too...) and focus on, underline, and think hard about the theories and concepts and analysis put forward by the authors; these will be invaluable for your semester research work on your firms.

Other Sundry Issues

For those of you that I promised I'd talk with on the phone, please give me a call tomorrow or Wednesda and we'll discuss what we need to discuss then. For those of you that want to meet with me to discuss your papers due next week, I'll be available briefly after class, so come and see me. You can also call me all of next week if you need assistance with anything.

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